What is jAlbum?

Well, I could sum it up as the following :

jAlbum is not only a photo album generator (for the web), it is an absolutely amazing community of very friendly people. jAlbum – also a company – offers free and paid for services. For example, you can pay for extra hosting space. You can make albums without having to download anything as jAlbum also has a online creation application (it runs on their server). It’s highly customizable with endless possibilities. Given that it’s based on Java and the scripting counterpart of Java (Beanshell) – it has the near endless possibilities of the Java API. This also amounts to a huge amount of image processing capabilities. In the community is a fair amount of of skin (theme) developers (I’m one of them) that can implement or design any album design they can dream up. Given the image processing power, there’s also image filters. Need to watermark, add a blur or sharpen your image? All possible. You can even do things like reflecting the image (as well as flipping and rotating in different ways). Two skins (“themes” that you plug-in to jAlbum which then allow you to have different designs with your photo albums) do Reflection that I know of – each one in a different way. I developed one such skin and filter, and you can find out more below.

Where can I get more information?

You can get that and more at : http://jalbum.net

If you are interested in what I’ve developed for jAlbum, then you can browse the sections on this page. I’ve made a few image filters (one is incorporated into a skin known as ‘Reflections’) and two skins :

1) Reflections – reflects images and has a nice slide display – made by Kristoffer of jAlbum – known as Exposure. Uses the jQuery javascript library.

2) EyeSocket – implements the flash based web gallery known as Cooliris.

Note to use Reflections you currently will have to download the application (jAlbum) and the skin.  With EyeSocket it’s possible to use on jAlbum’s online album creation web application (and you can also use the desktop application; program has far more features than the online creation process).

Reflections / EyeSocket Releases

I have recently updated Reflections. As usual, EyeSocket has little to update since Cooliris is not updated very often. Recent changes in Reflections, however, can be found below:

  • Scaling issue with images fixed.
  • Issue with images not being selected properly (for Exposure) fixed. This was related to a recent change in jAlbum and slight screwup on my part related to that change.
  • Alternate text for arrow image in slide pages should now be set properly.

A related recent change in jAlbum is that it keeps track of skin versions. If there’s a new version of a skin, when you load that skin in jAlbum, you will be notified of the update. This, I feel, is a great addition. There is one minor problem though: I might be more lazy with mentioning updates. However, if it’s fairly important or significant change, I will mention it (though, perhaps maybe a bit late some of the time).

Current version of Reflections is v1.1.4. The list of demos is here.

Current version of EyeSocket is still 1.7.0. The demos can be found here.

Reflections Updates – v1.1.2

With the new release of jAlbum (version 9.4) I released a new version of Reflections.

The changes will not effect much in the way of use of the skin; they are more internal changes. However, if you update to jAlbum 9.4, you should also update Reflections – the new version changes some now deprecated (in jAlbum) references to files to the new way of iterating through files. Otherwise, only an update in Exposure. No new features enabled though – I’ve yet to work out everything but hopefully in time I can get more features in.

Note that if you update Reflections you will have to update jAlbum. The astute reader may notice I skipped version 1.1.1 of Reflections. Well, not exactly – I just didn’t write about it. It fixes a bug in the reflection filter, so if you don’t use full 100% height of the reflection, then you’d definitely want that fix.

EyeSocket v1.7.0 Released

Yesterday I updated EyeSocket. Not too much new on the Cooliris front, unfortunately, so really no new features. However, links are updated to reflect changes of directory structures (on my sites). I  am at loss at what to add, because of lack of updates of Cooliris, so for now it’s kind of just the same old skin. Nevertheless, a new version is out fixing the links in the skin as well as cleaning up the UI look a bit.

Reflections v1.1.0 Released

Yesterday, I released a new version of Reflections. Main changes were related to slides, including :

  • Fixed an alignment issue with longer image descriptions and adjusted the text alignment.
  • Giving image descriptions more space for longer descriptions/explanations (100% of image height when description is toggled on).
  • Kristoffer, the author of the slide show plugin Exposure that Reflections uses, has updated Exposure once again.
  • With the new version of Exposure, I decided to enable a feature that I always assumed would be a certain value (user now can decide if the slide pages should loop from end to front and front to end or not).
  • I also enabled the new feature in Exposure that allows the album owner/creator to fix the image width and height to the maximum (based on jAlbum’s max width and height in the UI).
  • I changed some links around in the skin UI – mostly a general cleanup and update to prevent 404s here.