EyeSocket is a skin that implements a flash graphic/video gallery known as Cooliris. This is an interactive ‘wall’ of media that you can zoom in to, zoom out from, start a slideshow, go fullscreen and do the same things! You can also search the current wall/page (by description of image), and there are a lot of configuration options, as well. I have included four stock themes with EyeSocket (you can make your own too) as well as include a background on the wall (instead of colours). You can even change the default buttons and icons to your own.

Note: previewing albums on your computer does not work with this skin. You need to publish it to a web server to view the album (the gallery portion; you can view the structure of directories/folders and the general styles still).

Eventually I plan to have more info here as well as articles about EyeSocket. You can view a list of the demo albums here.

EyeSocket v1.7.0 Released

Yesterday I updated EyeSocket. Not too much new on the Cooliris front, unfortunately, so really no new features. However, links are updated to reflect changes of directory structures (on my sites). I  am at loss at what to add, because of lack of updates of Cooliris, so for now it’s kind of just the same old skin. Nevertheless, a new version is out fixing the links in the skin as well as cleaning up the UI look a bit.